This game is made for Weekly Game Jam 104


World is getting worse because of people's carelessness. Global warming, wildfires, poor and hungry people, extincting animals etc. are problems of this times. But now you can fix this world with one key. Press space to FIX this world.


All drawing and music made by SessizLeylek. Thanks for playing. 

Main menu informations:

(Sorry for my english :) )


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I like the idea. Wish it was possible to get all the fires.  What are you planning for the other minigames?


Getting all fires is very hard. You can get all fires if you are lucky because fires spawns randomly. If I reduce the water cooldown, you dont have to be very lucky and I don't want it. But this cooldown is so long. I'm working on my first game "Secret of the Boss" now. When I finished it, I'll reduce this cooldown and add some minigames.There is a few plans in my mind but i don't want tell them because i didn't complete them yet.

I like the "one button game" concept! 

The helicopter noise is very loud, could probably be reduced in volume.

I think you should make it possible to extinguish all the fires -- as it is, the cooldown between dropping water is too long to get all of them.