A downloadable game for Android

This game made for Weekly Game Jam 111

This is an experimental game. Don't play seriously.

Aim with your finger and your player will dash. Hit the ball and score goals. Be careful with portals. You will teleport to bad places maybe :).  Gameplay takes 4.5f minutes. Also sorry for this horrbile production i hadn't time to make it better because i'm going to go our village and there isn't any internet connection so i made this game as quick as i can.

(Sorry for my english)

Install instructions

Download and install. Don't worry it is virusless.


Mediafire link for android


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pc den oynanmıyor mu ?

Hayır. Bunu yaptığım zaman kurban bayramında köydeydik. Hemen bir mobil oyun yapmış olayım diye yapmıştım. Oyun zaten çok iyi de değil, hesapta fazla oyun varmış gibi gözüksün diye yükledim.